Simple and unassuming though its name sounds the project was meant to educate underprivileged children. Coaching classes were held for these children on a regular basis. .Many students have been successful in their school exams after receiving guidance and help from dedicated teachers of the project. The children received new textbooks, exercise books to start a new class with smiling faces. Tiffin was provided by members. New clothes were distributed amongst the children during Pujas.

They participated in sit-and-draw competitions and were taken for outings every year.

Drawing Class (Vidya Vihar)

With an aim to bringing out the hidden potential of the children , drawing classes were held on Saturday afternoons to improve their artistic skills.

Greetings cards (Vidya Vihar)

To see their own drawings being printed as greetings cards was a great delight for these children. The sale proceeds of the cards went  towards meeting the various costs incurred for  managing the programme.

Library and Toy-bank Vidya Vihar

A well-stocked library provided books for the reading pleasure of the children. The Toy Bank was another delightful activity for the children.

Music class VidyaVihar

Children attended music lessons with great enthusiasm. Some of them became good singers.

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